Achim Wiedemann

CEO, founder

Father, motivator, initiator, POWER, driver, 30 years of professional experience, worker, founder, employer, employee, grumbler, teaser, trainer, coach, consultant, helper, winner, loser, macho, washing machine operator, little hair wearer, encourager, solution provider, idea generator, Kotzbrocken, denim braces, joggers, New York marathon finisher, Berlin marathon finisher, strategist, New York lover, Mallorca lover, sometimes drinker, over-eater, impatient, manager, patient, dancer, impulsive, political, sales god, Marketing crazy, visionary, carnival president, never-giving up, steel builder, MBA, master, 50-year-old, freedom fighter, party maker, television watcher, eternal student, lecturer, lover of rhetoric, tolerant, committed, just, spontaneous, disciplined, lazy, wide awake, attentive, listener , Speaker, writer, planner, planning lover, assertive, enthusiastic, arrogant, sociable, Bruce Springsteen fan, authentic, loud!

Wendelin Abresch


Shareholder, founder

The Wise & Experienced - Wendelin Abresch is a managing partner, founder (including co-founder of 1 & 1), shareholder and advisory board member of various companies.


Together with Achim Wiedemann, he founded born to run knowledge GmbH in June 2017 as the start of cannyworld. As a very experienced marketing specialist and brand consultant with a large network, he supports the “born to run” project with great passion from the start.über-uns.html


Wendelin Abresch's focus is support in the "go-to-market phase", brand and marketing consulting and networking within his vital contacts in various industries.

Julian Wiedemann


Generation Y

The Emphatic - The youngest personality in the team completes an apprenticeship as an office management assistant. As the youngest son of the visionary, he is also the most emphatic and likes to exploit his potential.


Through his school career, fate brought him to cannyworld with all his strength. He learns and knows what is really important in life and he also teaches this to people by thinking the better. At cannyworld he can fully live out his creativity.

Marco Sperber


Head of Sales

proud daddy, Husband, cohesionist, connoisseur, sweetheart-loving, biker, dog owner, football-crazy, glowing FCK fan, for 30 years traveling on the Betzenberg, nature lover, people-lover, youth trainer, easy-going type, for 30 years in sales, positive crazy , no normal, spontaneous, committed, often very patient, dog-jogger, never give up type, motivator, HAKA-loving, ALL Blacks fan, strength-builder, lifting the podium, wine lover, family lover, salesperson out of passion, powerful, sometimes not powerful, phone-loving, listener , Connector, contact person, contact person, just goofy type, get on your face and get up again, cold acquirer, hot rhythm lover, emotional, rousing, early riser, just chat, humorous, loves black humor, annoying, balanced ...

David Väth


digital researcher

Dad, partner, friend, special, chocolate alcoholic, wind enthusiast, contemporary, wanderlust, stranger-friendly, curious, researcher, son, brother, gingerbread lover, gourmet, Dutch, problem solver, challenger, coacher, target, visionary, crazy, with friends the time-lover, beach goers , Sailor, golfer, kiter, wakeer, storm hunter, lightning-fascinated, music maker, music connoisseur, joy bringer, motivator, plan maker, maker, 21 years of professional experience, shirt holder, barefoot runner, joke narrator, seahorse badge owner, specialist book reader, cap wearer, self-service enthusiast, main carer enthusiast , Draftsman, High School Graduate, Student, Employee, Founder, Employer, Frikandel lover, Sales representative, Blockhouse planner, Customer friend, Rowdy, digital, online sales representative, Discusser, Fighter, Defender, Persistent, Time investor in people, Unconventional thinker, direct, Kriesenpilot, Strategist, Emotional, energet isizer, solution master, sales specialist

Robert Dörmer


IT god

Robert Dörmer, our IT guru, trainer of the year 2017 - 2019, known for his YouTube videos in the field of network technology and the inventor of the perfect grilled ice. What not so many know: Robert is an IHK certified data protection coordinator with a license to certify. He has already led a few GDPR workshops and so far all participants have been thrilled. Nobody fell asleep, the pens fell out of hand. On the contrary: Robert guides you through the GDPR interactively and as excitingly as possible. He managed to turn a rather dry topic with a good mood and a lot of life energy into a hammer workshop that you will not forget.

Fabienne Hansen


The "Steven Spielberg" of creativity

Understand animals and deal with them, bonding, tennis, athletics, karate, ballet, hiphop, zumba, coaching assistant certificate, search for hotels, search for restaurants, acting lessons, write your own play, poetry, improvisation theater, assess people, deal with people make a difference, keep going, no matter what, flyers, advertising signs, advertising slogans, decorate apartments, etc., photography (eye for it)

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