Sandra Kreyenborg, CEO AK-Fenster Kreyenborg GmbH

“Nothing in life is a matter of course. Achim Wiedemann - speaker and strategist - entered my life at the right time. I got to know Achim through the BNI Chapter Rhein-Wied. Achim literally infected me with his positive energy and charisma. I can only recommend attending his rhetoric seminar to anyone who wants to go through life more positively. What I learned in the 2 seminar days and took with me on my way is just awesome. I was not aware before that rhetoric is so closely related to personal development. In the 2 days you learn to formulate your wishes and dreams, to love yourself a little bit more and to treat your fellow human beings with love and respect. Achim casts a spell over you that your thoughts are only at the seminar and you almost forget the outside world. Achim, thank you for your motivation to change something in my life. It wasn't going to be my last seminar with you. "

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