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Haka is the ritual force dance of the Maori, the Native Americans.

The ALL BLACKS , New Zealand's successful national rugby team, who have done the dance before every game and thus impress and intimidate the opponents have contributed to the worldwide popularity .   

  • The strength of the body

    • With the power of breathing and conscious breathing techniques you can feel what makes up your whole body!

  • The power of movement

    • With elements from the Haka you discover which primal force lives in you! Let them out!

  • The power of the voice

    • Your voice is unique! You can be loud and wild!

  • The power of inner peace

    • Use the inner flow to get deep rest.

  • The power of feelings!

    • Emotions drive us - motion is movement - use the power of feelings to go forward!

  • The power of the mind

    • Which spirit lives in you? What fire is burning in you? Your focus decides.

  • The power of the new

    • Overcome your comfort zone! Go beyond your comfort limits! Beyond that there is growth.

  • The power of presence

    • Everything happens here and now ! Now. Clarity.

  • The power of connectedness

    • Relationships with your family and others are important. With imaginations you create creative and joyful relationships!

  • The power of letting go

    • The power of fire for your way. Let go and transform!

  • The power of admission

    • With the courage of a warrior, you reward yourself. Your way gets rich and you get what you want!

  • The power of love

    • The path of your soul is unique - your path of life. Give your heart space and time to listen!

  • The power of touch

    • Touching and being touched is what makes you human.

  • The power of freedom

    • Break your limits! Your chains will open if you dare!

  • The power of peace

    • Resolve your conflicts! Heal your anger! Go for creation.

  • The power of community

    • First steps together are often easier! Use this potential .

  • The power of leadership

    • Successful, happy life means leading yourself!

Source: HAKA coach Fabian Strumpf - our HAKA COACH! THANKS FABIAN!

Be alpha in 1.5 minutes! More than 75% of the games are won ...
The HAKA from cannyworld!
Be alpha in 1.5 minutes! More than 75% of the games are won ... ;-)

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