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Every managerial coaching is unique. It does not only result from the individual relationship between management and consultants, but is primarily shaped by the central topic of consulting for management


The range of topics is wide and varied and ranges from purely professional concerns to a holistic examination of the life situation of a manager.

  • Work-life balance - nonsense!

  • leadership understanding - what does it mean for me to be a leader?

  • leadership role - How do I define my position and responsibility in the company?

  • LEADERSHIP communication - How do I approach my employees?

  • LEADERSHIP Problems - How can I reduce or even resolve internal and external tensions?

  • LEADERSHIP self-assessment - Which of my strengths would I like to focus on in the future?

  • LEADERSHIP HEALTH - How can I maintain or expand my health?

  • leadership-own career - What are my professional goals?

The topics for a coaching of management staff arise on the one hand from the internal concerns and needs of a management staff and on the other hand from the environmental situation in which they operate.


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