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Achim Wiedemann

KeyNote / Speech / Power

potential motivator - initiator - strategist

Achim Wiedemann is Power!


Achim Wiedemann's talent for bringing people into power drives him forward in all stages of his life. Companies build on the foundation of his strength and impulsiveness, which infects everyone and provides them with energy. So that you look more powerful and achieve more. With all his strength, Achim Wiedemann moves people and pulls them out of deadlocked structures, out of habits poured into concrete and out of their inability to move.


Achim makes a promise here: “


What drives me is my burning and heartfelt passion to make the world a little better every single day. To give everything to people and companies with all my energy so that they permanently develop more strength. So that they will go on more successfully and happily on their own. This conviction comes from my deepest heart and the brightest point of my soul! "


Speaches, roadshows, seminars - open or internal -, workshops, training courses, training, consulting, coaching - Achim Wiedemann doesn't care what you want. The path to strength sometimes requires a wide variety of paths!


When it comes to strength, Achim Wiedemann is your man!


Achim Wiedemann

passion & power

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