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A sensational platform is paving its way. cloud4pets is the cloud for animal lovers! Certainly a good feeling, always knowing where all the important information about your four-legged family member is stored. Searching was yesterday - from today you know where everything is.

Visit cloud4pets right here and find out what a great feeling is created as part of this community.

More details of our cooperation will follow soon.

#Hund #Tierliebe #gutesGefühl

Stefan Kimmel (right) and the cannyworld team are enthusiastic about cloud4pets.

„Achim betritt einen Raum und füllt diesen mit Leben und Energie. Ich habe Achim als einen Menschen kennengelernt, der Menschen begeistert und ihnen hilft das eigene Potenzial zu entdecken. Ich profitiere immer wieder von den gemeinsam erarbeiten Erkenntnissen. Achim Wiedemann ist eine Persönlichkeit der in anderen Menschen ein Feuer entfachen kann.“

“Achim enters a room and fills it with life and energy. I got to know Achim as a person who inspires people and helps them to discover their own potential. I always benefit from the jointly developed knowledge. Achim Wiedemann is a personality who can start a fire in other people. "


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