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Wendelin Abresch


Shareholder, founder

The Wise & Experienced - Wendelin Abresch is a managing partner, founder (including co-founder of 1 & 1), shareholder and advisory board member of various companies. Together with Achim Wiedemann, he founded born to run knowledge GmbH in June 2017 as the start of cannyworld.


As a very experienced marketing specialist and brand consultant with a large network, he supports the “born to run” project with great passion right from the start.



Wendelin Abresch focuses on support in the "go-to-market phase", brand and marketing consulting and networking within his vital contacts in various industries.

Joachim Dell


Pedagogue & former school principal

With the takeover of school management in Westerburg, Joachim Dell took measures years ago to promote independent learning among schoolchildren. The background to this was the realization that the image of school and learning is still linked to small-scale processes from a long-gone working world. Accordingly, students experience the first ten years of school: "Learning is an achievement that is paid for." According to Joachim Dell, this attitude is aimed at learners in vocational schools.

When asked: "What do schoolchildren need tomorrow?" There are clear answers for Joachim Dell. Students should be able to learn independently, sustainably and throughout their lives. It is not only about imparting knowledge, but also about understanding and applying it. Above all, it is about the ability of learners to solve problems independently.

Already in 2002 an important step in this direction and to promote independent learning was taken with the introduction of notebooks into everyday teaching at the BBS-Westerburg. This enables pupils to do their own research. In combination with a corresponding didactic concept (including problem-oriented learning tasks), independent working and learning is made possible.

Joachim Dell sees one of the most important prerequisites in everyday teaching life in the constant availability of notebooks and the Internet based on the principle of free access. Laptops owned by schoolchildren also play an important role here, and have been used for learning and research as well as for proof of achievement for 15 years now. In addition, teachers and learners always have the latest version of the Microsoft "Office Package" based on a framework contract with Microsoft. The Moodle platform is used for the exchange of materials in the various school types and, thanks to the cooperation with the Datev company, the classes of tax specialists, for example, have free access to the Datev software at all times. However, Joachim Dell also admits that the general conditions in terms of equipment and costs in the Westerwald district are rather favorable compared to other locations.

In summary, Joachim Dell emphasized that digital media, whether notebook, smartphone or tablet, are the tools of tomorrow in everyday school life. It is important to prepare learners for the working world of tomorrow, a world with intelligent machines, networked overall systems - a working world 4.0. "Schools have to be a reflection of the world of work."

Klaus Wächter


CEO Iconex KG, Business Angels Rheinland-Pfalz (1. Vorsitzender)

Klaus Wächter founded several startups himself and is currently involved in several companies. He supports and advises startups in the area of financing and sales. Klaus Wächter is the 1st Chairman of the Business Angels Rhineland-Palatinate, scout of the high-tech start-up fund for Rhineland-Palatinate and an expert for the German Founders' Award.

He is a regular mentor and juror at startup weekends. He also works as an author in specialist magazines for founders. Wächter tells stories from practice in a relaxed and vivid manner. His motto: “It is not critical to have the best product. It is crucial to have the best sales. ”

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